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What could this sql error message mean? Error: Column name appears more than once in the result column list

I have added a column to several tables, and I populate the column using a couple of stored procedures in a huge import process. I am getting this error returned when I run the main stored procedure. I can run all of my individual stored procedures which are called once for each table where the column is located. I don't get this error. Can anyone give me an idea on what the error means. I am sorry I can't be more specific but the process is very long and complicated.

2 Solutions
You have multiple tables that contain a column with the same name and there exists a query that is pulling the data from those tables therefore getting confused in column names.

For example I believe the following scenario would generate that error:

"table1" has two columns named "id" and "name"
"table2" has two columns named "id" and "description"

If you do:
SELECT id FROM table1, table2 WHERE name=description
it might throw that error. I haven't tested that, but I think that is the case. Check your added column name and see if it causes this kind of case in your code.
You probably have a select with a * in there. Specify the columns.


Instead of

Select T1.*, T2.*
From ...


Select T1.Col1, T1.Col2, T1.Col3...

This happens because T1 and T2 have a column with the same name.
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