Remote Desktoping or VNC'ing to an application


Is it possible to have/build a RDP or VNC server that will accept connections from users but only show them the window given by a specified handle? It would need to support multiple connections on one server, independant of each other.

So I could launch an instance of my own app which has a windows form and let them connect to that and they coould only see and interact with that form? No desktop behind etc.

If that's not possible, I think I could build a .net app that would create a regularly updating image of the app, so does anyone know of a way of streaming the changes in this image to the client, and then I guess i'd need a way to send up mouse position and keyboard input...

If i do it that way - is it possible to emulate the cursor over a window? Because there will be multiple instances of this app running on the same server so I'd need to take the positions of the cursor on the client and emulate the presence of a cursor over the app on the server side...

Kinda feels like I'm rebuilding VNC here :)
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gabesoSolution ArchitectCommented:
What you are talking about is supported by X11 windowing environment on unix: Windows does not have that built into its architecture. In windows it is the 'desktop session' that is remoted rather than the 'application session'.

You could build a proxy application that talks to the back-end server and, using some custom protocol, updates the proxy application: It depends on how 'thin' the client must be.

I suspect that it would be so much simpler to just build a client application talking to a server over tcp/ip perhaps using http posts.

Unless you are talking about a general approach to solving the problem.

Why not look at X11 and its approach ...

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Ralf KlattEmployee in Civil ServiceCommented:

Just to prevent geek talk ... I'd suggest reading the following article:

It'll leave up to you how to handle "Remote Desktoping or VNC'ing to an application" ...

Best regards,
please check

it is upgraded version of VNC in which you can send the specific application handle.

this also have the source code
but it is in VC++.

saltedAuthor Commented:
Hi Raj,

I can't seem to find any documentation on tightVNC'ing to an application handle?

Also, do you know if VNC server can handle multile, independant connections if it's using this handle method?

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