Delphi 2005 + MSDE + WebService

I was asked to build an application which will be called from a existing program.

I have to do 3 main things:

1) Receive a parameter via command line. (Somewhere in the existing program, I will be called "MYPROGRAM 1234").
2) With the received parameter (1234 in the case)  I need to retrieve data in tables within a local MSSQL database.
3) With the data retrieved from tables I need to consume a Web Service passing formatted XML data.

I have Delphi 2005 Professional installed but never made an application with such kind of complexity.

Where do I start?
What kind of application will It be?
Is there an article or example?

Need help from some patient guy. It will be many questions...
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1) Receive a parameter via command line.

  if (ParamCount >0) then

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to retrieve information from a database, you have to do a lot of reading, depending on your level of knowledge, but here you can find information from beginning to end:
3) With the data retrieved from tables I need to consume a Web Service passing formatted XML data.

so you are going to take the data that comes out of the database, format it in XML, then pass it to a web service?

if you are doing that, then that's a wrong approach, a web service in itself is formatted in XML

do you have control over the web service?
what parameters are expected from the web service?
If you want XML support, you might be better of with SQL Server Express which is Microsofts replacement for MSDE and is a restricted version of SQL Server 2005, it has much better XML handling
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