Difference between Circularity and Transitivity?

What's the difference between the two properties?  They look identical to me.  
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According to this:   http://stats.oecd.org/glossary/detail.asp?ID=5519       They are the same.
If my dog had circularity he'd be sniffing his own tail, if he had transitivity he'd be sniffing some other dogs tail.
transitivity sounds more one-way and possibly branching:

trans:  a is to b       b is to c    c is to d    d is to e      d is to f      d is to g            therefore  b is to f

circularity  sounds, well circular   :  a is to b    b is to c    c is to d         therefore d is to a

Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
Hi, grg99 is correct..

I will again consider simpler version of his example..

If a -> b and b -> c, then

A) Circularity: c -> a
B) Transitivity: a -> c

So, the only difference is that the direction of carrying out the operation is interchanged.

Now, consider the example..

If  10 < 20, 20 < 30

A) Circularity: 30 < 10.. which is certainly not true.. and hence, circularity fails
B) Transitivity: 10 < 30.. which is true and hence, transitivity holds

Meaning differs depending on the context.
-In the general practical statistical terms, they are used interchangeably:
An index number property such that the algebraic product of the price index comparing period j with period i and the price index comparing period k with period j is equal to the price index that compares period k directly with period i.

-In grammar: circularity means if if it can generate a derivation tree in which some attribute is circularly defined; transitivity means having two different roles for the same word.

-In philosophy:

-In neural networks and AI and logical circuits, they tend to be fairly strictly different

-Same in statistics(mathematics):
the difference becomes more apparent and can be complicated too. Circularity can be non-transitive.

Circularity: goes in circles, more flexible
Transitivity: rather like one-way traffic, in any direction

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