How can I get the password off of my Laptop

I have a Toshiba Portege' 7010CT laptop that someone has given me.  I know its has a bit of age on it but it will run Linux and other OS's good enough for my speed.  All this being said the laptop has a bios password on it.  Before I go tearing into the machine I wanted to know if anyone knew if I could actually get the password off.  I have had experience with newer laptops and from my experience once the password is there it can't be reset or removed without replacing some portion of the MOBO.  Didn't know if this one was about the same.  Thanks in advance.
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if you know the password you should be able to disable it in the bios.
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
depends on the MOBO
some MOBO will reset the password if you remove CMOS battery.  some will reset password if you create a short.  others can not be changed without sending the computer to the manufacturer.
other ideas, and an explanation of the ones i've mentioned:
There are a number of possibilities:

Reset the CMOS using the jumpers or solder beads.
Removing the CMOS battery for at least 10 minutes (may require soldering on some laptops)
Using a professional service
Using a manufacturers backdoor password to access the BIOS
Use password cracking software


(I have seen these for sale for your model laptop.)

Most Toshiba laptops can be booted without their power-on BIOS password by attaching a dongle to the LPT port which crosses a number of the pins. Connect the following pins together.


(Or you can buy one -

One set of instructions (no battery removal.)
Plug in the dongle.
Hold down the ESC key when booting and you should be prompted to press F1 to go into the bios setup mode.
Put in a new password. (None won't work yet so put in a password.)
Remove dongle.
Enter the BIOS and clear password.

The other version:
Remove the laptop battery and reboot (power up) with this DB25 hooked to your printer port.
Your BIOS/CMOS password is immediately erased.


Some Toshiba's will bypass the startup BIOS password if you hold down the <LEFT-SHIFT> key while booting.


Key Disk... Some Toshiba notebooks allow to bypass BIOS by inserting a "key-disk" in the floppy disk drive while booting. To create a Toshiba Keydisk, take a 720Kb or 1.44Mb floppy disk, format it (if it's not formatted yet), then use a hex editor such as Norton DiskEdit or Hex Workshop to change the first five bytes of the second sector (the one after the boot sector) and set them to 4B 45 59 00 00 (note that the first three bytes are the ASCII for "KEY" :) followed by two zeroes). Once you have created the key disk put it into the notebook's drive and turn it on, then push the reset button and when asked for password, press Enter. You will be asked to Set Password again. Press Y and Enter. You'll enter the BIOS configuration where you can set a new password.


on modern laptops, you must contact Toshiba, and show proof of ownership, since the password is in a security chip, and cannot be reset . on some older ones , you can do it this way :
how to reset a toshiba password :

..."Pinouts for the Toshiba Password Bypasser
best way to make this is to buy one of those cheap parallel cables that
you can take apart (the ones that are not molded) for 99 cent.  Cut the
wire off then take it apart.  All the ground wires are hooked up
already.  Then all you have to do is connect the pins with the existing
wires that is soldered onto the db25 connector and put it back together.
And there you have it, a toshiba password remover.

Pin     Connects To
 1          5     (Yes, this is correct, 1-5-10 are connected to each other)
 2          11
 3          17
 4          12
 5          10
 6          16
 7          13
 8          14
 9          15
18-25       All connected together (Ground Pins)

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GTKINCAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for the information.  I don't want to buy anything extra and I don't want to take the chance of tearing down the laptop and removing the cmos battery not working.  I was looking for a little more definite information on this particular model of laptop.  Thanks for all of the good information.
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