Suitcase/System Font Folder

I added fonts to suitcase needed for a project, but when I try to activate one of them I get the following message:

"There are fonts in the suitcase Candice that conflict with fonts in the System Fonts Folder. You must remove the fonts from the Systems Fonts Folder and resstart before you can activate these fonts with Suitcase."

This is not the first time this has happened to me, I must say. But I do not know how it was resolved before. I do not see any fonts in the system folder that comes close to this one. What do I do?  Please help.
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What has likely happened is that there are more than just Candice fonts in the Candice suitcase (a suitcase is a file which can contain screen bitmap fonts and TrueType fonts).

Under OS 9, you could combine suitcases by dragging one onto the other - the fonts in the one you dragged would be added to the one you dragged onto, but the name wouldn't change to reflect the contents of the suitcase. So you could end up with, for example, Helvetica fonts in the Candice font suitcase without any outward indication.

I've not seen any way under OS X to edit the contents of a suitcase except the old Font/DA Mover (see <>) which still runs under Classic (so it doesn't work with the intel-based Macs). You can then set a suitcase to "Open With" Font/DA Mover and then click on the non-Candice fonts in the sutcase and delete them - kludgy, but it works.

Any other suggestions, anyone?

Hope that's of use

Andrew DuffyTechnical Services CoordinatorCommented:

There are many locations where fonts are stored:

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts
/System Folder/Fonts

Check each of the them for the font specified. Be very careful when removing fonts from the /System/Library/Fonts location - take out the wrong ones and your computer won't start up.
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