How to configure W2K3 SP1 Firewall

I have a client who insists on using his W2K3 SP1 to store customer data.  Can't talk him out of that but I am hoping to harden the box by implementing the Windows Firewall.  I will have to open ports for SmartLaunch software.  What other ports do I open for this AD Domain PDC?  It's the only DC in the LAN.

The last W2K3 SP1 client I had I believe I deployed some security template.  I don't know if this one has a template applied and I frankly don't even remember much about how to burn in those security templates.  Do I need to check if a template was applied?

When I went to the box, which was initially set up by someone else, the windows firewall was down.

The client has not decided on which perimeter firewall to use and so has a simple Linksys router.  I turned on SPI as I'm hoping its better than nothing.

It's a gaming center so I hope the SPI doesn' mess them up when they go live.

So can I have some direction in configuring the W2K3 SP1 firewall?
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supportorangesAuthor Commented:
right on -- done deal.
that's just what I was looking for but I forgot about that tool.
this is gonna make me look smart tomorrow!
thanks again guy!
no worries mate    enjoy!
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