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IP routing in W2000 --having a problem routing between subnets

windows 2000 ip routing
I am having a problem routing between subnets - not sure what the problem is. I will give as
much info as I know right now.I have 3 subnets,, & The server(w2000) on each subnet has 2 interfaces. Ex: for subnet-- (1)Lan,, No Gateway (2),, Gateway -- The is a router connected to the internet. All Clients on the subnet can ping their server and surf the internet. Each server can surf the internet and ping all subnets. The Clients need to access Servers on the other subnets. This was previously working. I'm just starting to troubleshoot. I have done a Tracert from the Client and it dies at the server on its subnet. The server is not running a proxy. I am not realy sure how routing between interfaces takes place. I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

1 Solution
You can see what your server knows with a "route print" command from a prompt.  That will let you know the logic it's using.  You can add and remove routes using this command as well.  A "route /?"  will give you the details.  One common trap with this is that, if you have place static routes on the server without  using the -p switch, then your routes will be lost on rebooting the server.

Do your servers each have an interface on the\24 subnet?  It seems as though they must.  If that's the case, you might just need to add some static routes to your router.  You could also activate the RIP routing protocol active on the servers and the router, so they will update each other regularly.  If they all have it going, they should handle it all on their own.

This link seems to be a good overview.  It has instructions and examples:


RB_adcomAuthor Commented:
I added missing routes to one of the servers. Everything work great now.

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