Maxtor 3000ls no longer recognized in Windows XP

I have a Maxtor 3000ls unit.  it worked fine until sometime after 2/06.  The unit does not shopw in my computer, thus I cannot do any of the suggestions on the site.  I have checked and changed the usb port, the power etc  The unit has all of my pictures from 2004
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Nick DennyCommented:

My suggestion would be 1st to see if the drive shows in another machine.

Second, if you can dismantle the casing, put the drive into a desktop machine.

See if the desktop recognises it first in the bios then in windows.

If it is corrupt, then there are a few programs you can try, failing that if the pictures are valuable to you, then there are companies that will recover data but it is not cheap.

Good luck
Did you try the drive on another system? If it's seen on another system, the problem would lie in your software or usb ports. A powered USB hub can solve the issue if your current ports aren't suppling enough power.

If it's not seen on another system, it could be the enclosure that is faulty. Removing it and slaving it to a working system through the IDE controller is the best to try if it's not seen on another system, as suggested. Check your jumpers are correctly set (master/slave). In order to retrieve the data this way, the drive must be recognized in BIOS. If it's not, you'd have to send out is a good choice. If seen in BIOS, see if it's seen in windows, you may have to assign a drive letter to it in drive management. If the data is there..back it up! Get another enclosure as well as a powered USB hub. If the data is not seen, Getbackdata is an EXCELLENT recovery to try and check file integrity, pay to recover.


Found someone has fixed the problem by booting using Norton CD to fix the problem. Hope this will be a solution to it.

The problem occurred when the FAT (file allocation table) was somehow duplicated and there were lots of crosslinks.

Full News below:
Usb Hd -- Good News!!
Interest in this topic seems to have dropped off in the last few weeks, but I'll post a success story anyway for anybody experiencing problems with their USB hard drives, particularly Maxtor.

As I posted previously, my Maxtor 3000LS stopped working on XP but worked okay on my ME machine. At the time, the only clues I could find on had to do with FAT32 vs NTFS. I was going to back up my data from the USB hard drive onto CD-Rs this past weekend with the intent to reformat the HD with NTFS.

Then it occurred to me to run my Norton SystemWorks 2003 directly from my Norton CD -- I didn't have Norton installed on the ME machine and had only used Windows Scandisk on the USB HD. Well, thank God that I have Norton SystemWorks (or at least Norton Disk Doctor), because it found the problem -- my FAT (file allocation table) was somehow duplicated and there were about 360MB in crosslinks). This certainly illustrates the limitations of ScanDisk!! Sure enough, Disk Doctor was able to fix the FAT problem, and I ran a thorough scan, which thankfully did not find surface errors.

Now my USB Maxtor 3000LS works on XP again!!
Try using working Connectors to connect the drive , check your jumper configuration, try another power connector. If it comes up at any time make sure your priority is to backup all your data. If it does not you may need a third party software to do this.

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