Read flash variable from external domain with javascript

Dear Experts,

Anyone know if it's possible to avoid flash sandbox security to read a variable inside an swf from a javascript?

I don't need to pass the variable from flash to javascript calling some function, I need to directly read a variable inside flash using flash_object.GetVariable("myvariable");

More details:
I have the following.
A Swf file called test.swf with just this two lines:
line 1: var test="12345";
line 2: stop();

then I have a test_readflashvar.js file on the same site with just the flash object code that is written through document.write
and a javascript function testing() that tries to read variable test inside swf.
I have a timer that execute it every x secs.

function write_flash_object(url) {
 //code that write my flash object to document

function testing() {
    var o = getFlashMovieObject("flashobj"); //function that search for flash object
    if (o==null || o.PercentLoaded()<100) return;



Then I add the script to any of my websites (different domain where is located the swf file) <script src="http://target_domain/test_readflashvar.js"></script>

And when I load the page with the included script,  and it executes and the line alert(o.GetVariable("j")); I get the unspecified javascript error (=security access error).

Can anyone give a hint to overpass flash sandbox security control?

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The problem is on javascript side i think.
In JS you cannot access any variable/object/function if they are not on the same domain (through an iframe for example).
That's a browser security issue.
Maybe this apply too on flash objects if not on same domain than the script.
luigidenaroAuthor Commented:
It's a flash plugin security issue, I know, but maybe someone knows an alternative way to overpass it.
luigidenaroAuthor Commented:
Well, after trying and trying I found the solution.
Using this directive on main flash it avoid security restrictions for any domain."*");
If u want to allow just a domain then is so simply like replacing the * for a domain in the way

The problem on this is that the swf remains exposed for external hacking.
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