Is there a way to reset the IP without having to reset the cable modem manually?


I use Adelphia cable. I don't have a static IP,  and I can change my IP by resetting the cable modem, but that means I have to be physically present to do this.

I have a need however to change my IP address periodically, and am looking for a solution to do this without powering down the cable modem and ideally remotely, either as a scheduled job or by me logging into my network via PC Anywhere.

I use DynDNS so it updates my new IP automatically and I would be able to log back in at another time.

Can anyone recommend a solution that would allow me to change my IP address without resetting my cable modem or router?

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If you need to RESET the Router alone, then check if the Router allows access of it's web console from the Internet. Several Router allows this feature. So, you can logon to the Router from the Interent and evoke a manual RESET in the Web page console (many Router would have this RESET option in System menu).

To do such remote RESET on the Modem, you need have access to the modem either by Telnet (SSH) or Web console, either Locally or Via Internet. If available only by Locally and if you require to evoke this via Interent, then you can Remote Desktop to a machine in the LAN.

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theres also :


for equipment to allow you to POWER cycle remotely. You might be able to get a better price on that.
I would be curious to know why you need to change your IP address periodically.  Maybe not being able to reset your cable modem isn't the problem.  There may be a whole other solution available to which someone could help you if we could see the broader picture.
try in a doc prompt

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

should get a new IP but also you could be just cached in their DHCP pool which will just re-assign you the IP again and again until their DHCP pool table is flushed, so there wont be much you can do about that (this can vary from ISP to ISP)
It sounds like you are connected to your cable modem through a router.  In that case, the ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew command from the dos prompt will get you a new ip address from your router, not from the cable system's network.

One solution that could work - provided that your router supports this - is logging on to your system remotely (terminal services, gotomypc, etc), log in to your router's configuration menu, find the DHCP release / renew option for the WAN and execute those commands.  On Linksys routers this option is on the first page of the status tab.  Of course, as soon as you execute this command, you will lose connectivity to your system until DynDNS catches up with the new IP address.  Also, there is no guarantee that your ISP will actually assign you a new IP address - but it is as likely using this method as if you manually disconnected your cable modem and re-connected. If you are running a Mac using OSX Tiger, you could also build an automator workflow (probably with some applescript as well) that would periodically execute this solution without your intervention.  That would undoubtedly be the most elegant solution.

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