Do I lose network speed when I connect a switch to a router?

My DSL router ran out of ports, so I connected a linksys switch to one of the ports and have a pc (via the patch panel connection) connected to that switch.  I need to add another pc to the network.

If I add it to the new switch, it will be sharing that one port with another pc.  Will these 2 connections be any slower then the connections directly to the router?

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Hi mhalp200,

depending on the connection speed between the swtuch and Router - if its 100Mbps or above then you wont even notice    you may have a tiny fraction of delay but not noticeable


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mhalp200Author Commented:

A related followup (sorry no points) - What if any issues will I have (yes there is a 100 mbps connection between the switch and the router) If I keep chaining switches together?  Is there some limitation, or is the only limitation the total available network bandwidth?

Thanks again
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You SHOULD ask that as a seperate question.

That said, Switches can be 4 deep - Meaning:

Switch -- Switch -- Switch -- Switch and STOP.

You COULD have:

Switch -- Switch -- Switch -- Switch
           -- Switch -- Switch -- Switch
if you plan to go that deep i would reccomend a gigabit module, its not a necessity but it will almost guarrantee no performance issues between swtiches
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