Can't sign in to Hotmail, can't go to Windows Update, can't use Windows Media Player

When I try to log into Hotmail, I just get a blank screen that is titled 'Continue' in the blue bar. When I try to use Windows Media Player I get an "internal application error" message, when I try to go to Windows Update in an attempt to reinstall/fix errors(?) I get that same blank screen ... are these related? Has anyone ran into these problems before?
I've tried to use EE before and recieved no help I couldn't have gotten from the Microsoft help page, and my problem was never fixed. I'm hoping I'll have more success this time. Thanks for your time.
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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
more info please.
what OS are you running?
what antispyware programs have you run?
what antivirus program do you have, and have you run a scan with updated definitions?
what browser are you using?
I am not sure whats happening there, but I think you should try restoring Internet Explorer security settings to Defaults, apply, OK, then close and launch Internet Exploerer again, and try to acess those sites again.

Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Security (tab) > Default Level (button).

Otherwise, re-install Internet Explorer.
Ian MeredithCommented:
G'day  smplguy,

You should try a system file check which will verify that your system's critical files are Ok.

In the RUN window type --  sfc /scannow's_system_file_checker.htm

OziOi. Ian.
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Sounds like Trojan.Abwiz virus....


smplguyAuthor Commented:
Sorry. Windows XP Media Centre. Norton System Works 2006, Norton Internet Security 2005, Trend Micro Anti Spyware, Windows Internet Explorer
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Well, i guess it's both some windows system failure and viruses that messing up this computer.

Try to hijackthis your computer, Download Hijackthis and do a scan to your windows, Here's a download link..

After doing the scan, copy the text file of the anaylaze to the following sequare in the link:-

then Click Analyze, and remove all the nasty paths in the hijackthis analyze.

Try to scan your computer Online using some Antiviruses online, check those:-

Panda Antivirus.

Mr Free free antivirus online.

Malware Scan.

Symantec Online Scan.

TrendMicro Online Scan.

After doing these scans, restart your computer then goto safe mode, try to launch Windows Media Player, if the same error presists again.!! Then Reinstall service pack 2.

Good Luck
Are you still running your Norton Suite 2006 as you spoke about in your previous question?

Have you check Symantec websites: Anyways try the below from their sites.

You are unable to connect to the Internet
Is the problem with email or with connections to Web sites?

I cannot get my email. I use an email program like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or Eudora.

I cannot get my email. I use Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or some other Web-based email.
Click to fix this problem. 

I cannot connect to some (or to any) Web sites.
Click to fix this problem.

This Other Solutions is only you cannot get internet access
Disable Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall
 1  On the desktop, double-click the Norton Internet Security icon or the Norton Personal Firewall icon.  
 2  Click Status & Settings.
 3  Click Security.
 4  Click Turn Off.  
Run the Norton Connectivity Troubleshooter

Enable Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall
 1  On the desktop, double-click the Norton Internet Security icon or the Norton Personal Firewall icon.
 2  Click Status & Settings.
 3  Click Security.
 4  Click Turn On.  

I am sure that your machine is infected with some worm or Virus or Malware etc.

Follow the Steps to remove that and make machine stable :-

Install the Good Antivirus - AVG Free Edition :-


Defender Q & A

Install a Good Firewall :- Like Zone Alarm it's really wonderful.

Then you will get a stable and reliable machine
smplguyAuthor Commented:
New Problem ... now my computer (appears) to only start in Safe Mode. Horribly oversized graphics, and limited program usage.
 All I did was attempt the solution provided by  "Ian_Admino". The initail scan failed, the second attempt listed off several missing .dll's, with the recommendation that I use my Install disks to restore them. This is a Costco pre built model, I have no disks. I do have a Recovery drive, (D:) but do not know how to access it, as its locked (literally there is a little icon of a lock over it.)
Giving up in frustration for the night, I turned my system off. Upon returning from work today, I now have this problem. As it is in this state, I'm finding it impossible to attempt the other solutions provided, as every website I'm sent to requires Windows Explorer 5 and up, with Active X controls ... that I don't have, or cant use. Seriously considering a reformat and starting all over again. Though I have no real idea how I'd proceed with it.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
SFC /scannow is a real problem when it does a problem such as yours, the only options left for you to do is to start windows using the last known good configurations...
Otherwise you can do system restore and get back to last case where the pc was ok.

I'll try to track on your issue on tomorrow and check what you gonna have, first try to do the first recommendation and check if you can start windows in normal mode, if not then try to install drivers such as vedio , sound.. etc

Good luck.
I do have a Recovery drive, (D:) but do not know how to access it, as its locked (literally there is a little icon of a lock over it.)
is this a special partition? maybe the bios boot order can access it if you set it to boot from this recovery drive?
Is this a legal copy of windows, have to ask, ms maybe locking down your machine.
Is there another computer there?  or do you hqve a friends nearby with xp machine, you can use the cdrom ide cable and power, these are compatible to plug into your hdd, just set the pin on the rear of your hdd to slave position. Unpower of course, no need to move to cdrom just plug in the ide etc and let yoru hdd hang or sit it ontop of tower.
As slave you can access it from  that c drive and scan it for virus. run a chkdsk and defrag. Partition it delete this partition and start again.

Did you get a user manual with the computer that could describe a "restore" process from that extra locked hard drive partition?

On a lot of "preinstalled" Windows XP systems, you are usually given an option when you first begin using it to "create recovery CD's".  This is the cheapskate cost-cutting methods used to save the builders from having to issue pre-made recovery CD's and (I suppose) is probably some badly devised way of preventing software piracy.

In any event, when you perform that option and create the recovery CD's, it then deletes the preinstalled contents on the hard drive and you have to hope that your CD's burned correctly.  It's a bad deal, as far as I'm concerned, and I've seen people with CD's that ended up unreadable/inaccessible and they were left with no means to reinstall Windows XP on that machine.

Yours sounds as though the D: Drive may have an "Image" of the main system partition created by a "ghosting" program that can later launch a restore mode from a bootable floppy or CD that may have come with the computer.

What is the actual make and model of the computer?  This might help to ascertain exactly where you stand right now.

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Thank you, smplguy.
Did you manage to find out how to perform a recovery from your D: Drive?
smplguyAuthor Commented:
Yes, after trying ... literally ... everything, and even getting a professional IT's opinion, I was left with little choice but to reformat. The problems just continued to mount, and I was left practically unable to even use the diagnostic boots. You were the only one to provide the answer my limited resources enabled me to use. I appreciated everyones suggestions, they just weren't all practical for my situation.
It's a pity you had to go to those lengths, but at least you have a stable and usable system now.  Isn't computing fun :-)
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