Rebooting after server install cannot mount SYS

I am building a Netware 6.5 SP5 server. After the installation copies all of the files and completes, it asks to reboot...I say yes. The server runs through POST and boots to a C prompt apparently ignoring the autoexec.bat. I change to the NWServer directory then type server at the prompt.  It flashes the Novell Netware 6.5 splash screen and appears to be loading properly. It sits on the splash screen a minute or two and runs through what looks to be the OS loading. It does not go into the GUI screen or even the System Console but comes up with Novell OES 6.5 the date yada yada and then to a colon :  I type "mount SYS" and it tells me that there are no accesible disk drives with Netware partitions. Volume SYS could NOT be mounted. Some or all volume segments cannot be located. If this is an NSS volume (which it is) the pool may need to be activated using the command nss/ poolactivate=poolname. Well I tried that and it cannot find the POOL. I tried NSS /pools and there is nothing there. This is probably something simple but I have not installed Netware (as many times necessary apparently) so I am stuck on the :  

When the installation is taking place, I see the autoexec.bat and it has the commands that start the server. I have reloaded the server four times and rebuilt the array twice. The it is a RAID 1 with an on-board RAID LSI adapter. It is a SuperMicro 5014C-T with two 200GB SATA drivers.
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According to what I see from the Super Micro website ,the RAID on that MOBO is an Intel ICH6R SATA controller ,not an LSI .
Going out to the Intel website ,I see no support (or drivers)for that controller.
So the question is it certified to run NW?
take a look at c:\nwserver\startup.ncf
are the correct drivers being loaded?  it is odd, considering the installer obviously loaded drivers that worked for the installation to occur.

if you type "server -ns -na -nl" you'll be able to step through each load stage and see where the error might be occuring.
-ns means No Startup.ncf
-na means No Autoexec.ncf
-nl means No Logo, just cosmetic coz I hate that graphic screen coming up

what the screen carefully.. especially at the start when it tries to load the hardware drivers.  Each time you get a prompt, go to the next stage..
From memory:
> startup   (processes startup.ncf which contains your device drivers)
has it loaded the driver for your adapter succesfully?  Look at the console screen and the Logger screen (use up arrows in the logger screen to scroll up)

after that, process each loadstage:
> loadstage 1
> loadstage 2
> loadstage 3
> loadstage 4
> autoexec   (to process autoexec.ncf)
> loadstage 5

going from memory here so forgive me if the order is incorrect!! there's a TID about this on the KB.

You can try these drivers and see if you have any luck.
chrisfrmgaAuthor Commented:
I unfortunately found out that the motherboard has not been tested with Netware 6.5. Thank you for you help
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