J2ME : How to get data from listing menu

I'm new in J2ME. I need your help to solve my problem.

I use php to retrieve data from mysql to my j2me application the outcome is in lists of data.
After I get a list of data, the list can be selected for data details.

String A
String B
String C

if using this command, index = listInfo.getSelectedIndex();  
the result is only index data in interger

After selected String A, what command should i use in order that i can get "String A" data in text not just the index.

Thank you
Best regards
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eddysusantoAuthor Commented:
import javax.microedition.lcdui.*;
import java.io.IOException;

class jadwaljktyog extends Form implements CommandListener  {
      private Inkarta inkarta;
      private Display display;
      private TextField kodeField;
      private Command detailCommand;
      private Command kembaliCommand;
      private Command keluarDetailCommand;
      private List listInfo;
      private Form formDetail;
      private Form infoForm;

      String kodea, coba, dapatStatus, olehStatus, ada, km, hsl, subyek;

      int index, jumlah, awal;
      Image infoImage;

      String url = null;

      jadwaljktyog (Inkarta inkarta) {
            super ("Info Jadwal JKT-YOG Yg Ada");
            this.inkarta = inkarta;
            ada = null;
            dapatStatus = null;
            olehStatus = null;
            display = Display.getDisplay (inkarta);


public void awal()
            url = "http://localhost/inkarta/j2me/jadwaljktyog.php";
            if (km.equals("NO"))
                  infoForm = new Form("Info");
                  infoForm.append("Tidak ada Info");
                  kembaliCommand = new Command("Back", Command.CANCEL, 1);
            listInfo = new List("Pilih",List.IMPLICIT);

                  int ulang;
                  for (ulang = 0 ; ulang < jumlah; ulang++)

                        if (hsl.equals(","))
                                listInfo.append (subyek, null);


            kembaliCommand = new Command("Back", Command.CANCEL, 1);
            detailCommand = new Command("Detail", Command.OK, 2);

    public void infoDetail()
            url = "http://localhost/inkarta/j2me/dtljadwaljktyog.php?kode="+kodea;  << I need string for variabel kodea
            formDetail =new Form("Detail Info");
            keluarDetailCommand = new Command("Back", Command.CANCEL, 3);

      public void commandAction(Command c, Displayable d)
            if (c == kembaliCommand )
        else if (c == detailCommand )
                  index = listInfo.getSelectedIndex();
                  kodea= ??? <<<<<<< THIS line .. I don't know what syntax I should use
Try this:

index = listInfo.getSelectedIndex();
kodea = listInfo.getText(index);
eddysusantoAuthor Commented:
I got error msg with that line

Building "Inkarta"
c:\WTK104\apps\Inkarta\src\keterlambatanjktyog.java:96: cannot resolve symbol
symbol  : method getText  (int)
location: class javax.microedition.lcdui.List
                  kode = listInfo.getText(index);

I'm sorry, that should be getString(index);

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eddysusantoAuthor Commented:
wow ... that's the answer
Thank you very much

Best regards
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