Prototype: I'm unable to get the text from a div - I've used both innerHTML and DOM access methods, yet neither work

If you go to this page and scroll down a bit:

You'll see a red box with text in it. The box is narrow and tall. You can see the text with your eyes. This box is created dynamically, as you can see in the code below.

When I try to get the contents of the box, I get nothing. I've tried using innerHTML and I get a blank. I've also tested for childNodes and I get zero. You can see the zero and the blank in the final alert() that I call. What might be the right way to access the contents of this box?

Here is the function I call on the page:

function getPopularTagsFromAccumulist() {
  // 04-06-06 - when people enter a new item into or we want
  // the form to auto-suggest to them what some likely categories might be. So, for instance,
  // on this page:
  // where the visitor might type in "General Category" we want to suggest something in the same
  // way that flickr and do.
  // The first step in the process is to get the most popular tags in the Accumulist database. We
  // will use Prototype to fetch this info for us from this page:
  // but even before that, we must create a place where the result can be stored. We don't need
  // to make this container visible on screen.
  var containerForPopularTagsTextArea = document.createElement("div"); = 'output-div'; = "#944"; = "800px;"; = "200px;";
  var refToBody = document.getElementById("main");
  var url = "";
  var pars = 'whatPage=showTagCloudWithCommas&howManyTagsToGet=200';
  var target = 'output-div';
  var myAjax = new Ajax.Updater(target, url, {method: 'get', parameters: pars});
  var refToTagDiv = document.getElementById("output-div");
  var nodeNumber = refToTagDiv.childNodes;
  var contentsOfContainer = refToTagDiv.innerHTML;
  var containerValue = refToTagDiv.value;
  alert ("the number of nodes: " + nodeNumber.length + " and the wrods: "   + contentsOfContainer  + containerValue);

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lkrubnerAuthor Commented:
Okay, I figured this one out myself - I was looking for the answer before the answer had returned from the server. With this asynchronous stuff, it is important to make sure the call to the server has returned, before you go looking for some value.

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Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
You may ask for a delete and refund here:
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