Ghost from IDE to SATA

I just used Ghost to clone an IDE drive running win2k to a new SATA drive in a new system. I then booted the new system with the SATA drive. my problem is: The cloned OS does not have the drivers for the SATA controler in the new system.

How do I go about installing the SATA drivers when I can't get it to boot? I would like to avoid a reinstall if at all possible. I can boot from a BART PE disk and gain access to the drive. so I would be able to manually copy the drivers, but I don't know what files to edit to use the new drives, or where to put them either.

any help would be great.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Put the old IDE drive back in, boot off it.  Then install the SATA drivers for your controller - add them manually if you must.  Then try it again.

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Or you can use win2k CD to do so. Press F6 to install the driver, and use repair process to finish. Hope it works for you.
This is another way to solve this problem, since SATA drivers are not native to windows yet, as is 64 bit CPUs (will ms ever catch up?).
Get the sata drivers onto a floppy diskette, and insert your XP CD in the drive, and boot from the CD.
Get ready with the F2 key to install new drivers for the devices, and have your floppy disk in at this time.
It should find the SATA drivers, it should install them, and lo and behold, you should boot from the SATA.  If not the first time, reboot once the SATA drivers installed, and you should boot fine from the new drive.
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XP CD == 2000 CD, should be about the same
Some BIOS's allow you to set the SATA interface to act like an IDE interface. Try to change such settings, this might get your SATA disk to boot, and then you should also be able install the driver. When installed, you can revert to SATA mode and it should work. If you don't have such an option, leew's should work. You might have to install the sata disk into the machine before you can install the drivers though.
Let the SATA disk in, insert the XP disk in the drive, and get a diskette with the SATA driver, then press F6 when needed. Only after this step, Windows Setup will ask for a Recovery Instalation, which you can do.

Let the Setup end and you're done !

Best Regards !
BigBadFletchAuthor Commented:
Put the old IDE drive back in, boot off it.  Then install the SATA drivers for your controller - add them manually if you must.  Then try it again.

Thanks Leew! it worked like a charm.
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