Lab: Adtrans Aces with x over cable

I have two adtran ACE tsu dsu devices, with v.35 cables to two routers.  I am pretty sure the routers are ok, and the v.35 cables are ok, so i think my question is about the adtran ACEs.  On one of them, i set the clock to internal to simulate the clock usually provided by the telco.  Other than that, when I have crossed them over using a cross over cable that I acquired at an outrageous price from pacific cables for this purpose, on one adtran ace the ri light is out and the rd light is on the other this is reversed - the ri light is on and the rd light is out.  The alarm light is out and the other significant lights at the bottom are lit on both of them.

Why can't I get something that I had working to work again!  Murphy is in the house.


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Is it a DS1 (or DDS) crossover cable?

Easy trick: buy or find an ordinary Ethernet cable.  buy or find a second Ethernet cable that you don't mind sacrificing.  Buy an RJ45 jack, like you'd install into a faceplate to use as a wall jack.  Cut the second cable in half, strip off the outer jacket, and wire the cable pairs to the jack with whatever pairs need to be crossed for your application.  In the case of DS1, assuming the Ethernet plug was wired white/orange, orange, white/green, blue, white/blue, green, white/brown, brown; wire the colors to the jack with the white/orange wire on the blue position, the orange wire on the white/blue position, the white/blue wire on the orange position, and the blue wire on the white/orange position (1->4, 2->5, 4->1, 5->2).  If you invert the wires inside a pair, you'll be fine too; polarity doesn't matter.  This way you don't have to buy expensive cables, or ever keep any crossover cables (of any type) in your bag/kit/whatever.

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gsgiAuthor Commented:
neat trick.  i'm not sure if it is a dds or a ds1 crossover cable.  I'll look at the pin outs.


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