help with samsung srp-350 and mmf cash drawer

we have a brand new samsung srp-350 receipt printer and a mmf value-line cash drawer.  The printer is connected via lpt1 and the cash drawer is connected to the printer.  i am having trouble getting the drawer to pop open even with the proper drawer pop codes it would seem. im wondering if the cable i have (which is a 6 pin to 6 pin straight through epson cable) is the proper cable for this configuration... as i can get no results with this combination of hardware. perhaps someone has a similar setup (by the way the software in use is comcash POS, but i cannot get the thing to pop from vb or the command line or via the after print commands in the advanced portion of the printer driver).  any insight on this particular setup would be greatly appreciated.
i have measured voltages accross the pins on the cable itself... pin4 is +24v and according to further research ... when the proper codes are sent to the printer you should be able to measure a +24v pulse accross pin 2 and 4.. i am able to measure this change so i know the pop codes are correct... i suspect a cable pinout issue... please help if you can!


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Yeh, I agree its a pinout problem. Your cash drawer may also be faulty but that is less likely the problem. All the POS printer to cash drawer cables ive have are RJ-12 to RJ45 cables. The pinouts are as follows,

RJ12               RJ45
1  -------------   -        
2  -------------   6
3  -------------   1
4  -------------   7
5  -------------   8
6  -------------   2

Pins 2 and 4 are on the RJ12 are the KICK pins. The RJ12 side of the cable plugs into the POS Printer and the RJ45 side plugs into the cas drawer.

You dont perhaps know the pinouts that the cash drawer uses for recieve the pulse from the Printer do you? I have not been able to find them on the net either but i havent done an extensive search. The other alternative is to create another cable that is exactly the same as the one you have for the cash drawer and then cutting the cable in half and  bareing all the wires on the one side and plugging the other side into your cash drawer. Once youve done that you can get a 24v power supply and just momentarly touch all the combinations of wires untill you find the one that kicks and then bingo, join your cable back together with the correct pinouts.



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coolcheezeAuthor Commented:
our drawer has a RJ12 on the end as well and not an rj45... i cannot seem to get any help on the drawer pinouts from MMF as they 'dont post their pinouts publicly' :D
Yeh, so you gonna have to test each pair on the drawer side and see which one makes the draw KICK. Once youve found the pair connect them to the printer sides rj12's pin 2 and 4.

Good luck
coolcheezeAuthor Commented:
thanks... that worked great.. found the voltage accross 2 and 4 made a cable ... worked like a charm...
Good Going. Glad I could help.

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