When I use filters on MS project the total rows show totals for the whole project, not filtered results. How can I change this?

I have an MS project 2000 file with three resources:  Bill, Ted and Mary.   Bill is working 10 hours,  Ted 100 and Mary 1000.  When I look at the summary task on the project, the total work hours is 1110.   So far, so good.  I apply a filter on Resouce = Bill.   The summary hours is still 1110.  I want the summary hours to be 10, ie to only show Bills hours.

Do any of you gurus know how to do this?  It seems like such an obvious requirement, I'm surprised I can't find any option for this?
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MSProjectGeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Filtering has this idiosyncrasy

Workaround, if you create a custom field Tools-Customize-Fields and then use the Group By feature, you'll find that the totals for the groups do correctly show the sum of those items in the group.  Actually you may be able to do what you want without a custom field, just group by resource and all Bill's hours will be totalled in the Bill group
You can see the summary work for each resource at View - Resource:Usage
chinguettiAuthor Commented:
Thanks MSProjectGeek,  I didn't know I could add stuff to the "by groups" filter list.  This is exactly what I need.
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