Creating an exe file in VS 2002 net

HELP!  Could someone please tell me how to create an exe file from a project in VS 2002 .Net?  

Thanks in advance!
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Open project, select Build command, which can be found in the Build menu. After this you can find executable file int the bin/Debug or bin/Release subdirectory, depending on current configuration.
Uhm... I think you mean in your bin folder (the one I usually use) or in your
Obj\Debug or Obj\Release

I prefer the bin, because it's shorter and looks cleaner :D
LordWabbitCommented: just creates a bin folder C# creates the debug and release folders in the bin folder as well (release when you build for release).  The current project could be a dll instead of an exe, you can change this by right clicking the project and selecting properties in the context menu.  Then in the output type you can change the type from class library to windows application, but be warned this may mean you need to change some of your code to cater for the change.
Marc333Author Commented:
Found it.  Thanks so much.  
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