How many connections will ISeries for Windows allow simulatenously using ODBC System DSN on Windows 2000 Server?

We have an application running on a W2K Server that uses SQL statements to query a IBM DB2 Database on an AS/400.  I loaded ISeries for Windows Client Access from the AS/400 onto the W2K server.  Connectivity seems to work fine for one connection, but when I configure my application for multiple connections, I still can only have one simultaneous session.  I have tried finding a way to change max connections, but I think that Client Access must only support one connection.  Is there a way to configure Client Access for more than one connection (preferably 30)?  Do we need to go with another client other than ISeries for Windows?  
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sachinwadhwaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you should use DB2 Connect Client on Win2K server to connect to DB2/400

see this:
myjohnson23Author Commented:
I actually found that the Client Access software does provide more than one connection.  After a second reboot, I no longer have the problem of just one connection.

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