Urgent guys!! Latest problem i found it Microsoft Exchange

I got a few problem with exchange 2003. When i create a logon name; first and second letter are in uppercase (eg. USer) and of course when i logon to exchange server, it will be uppercase as well.
My problem now is, i enable POP3 protocol. I cant logon to exchange anymore because POP3 is case sensitive (Under Unix enviroment).
How can i change my logon name for exchange??? (i understand it works on AD)
I try to change my username on my DC to all lowercase but it still didnt work....:(
Can any give some comments on this issue.
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You can't change your login for Exchange as Exchange doesn't have its own database. It uses the active directory database for login control.

Are you logging in to POP3 in the correct way?
It isn't just username and password, but domain\username\alias
In most cases the username and alias are the same, but this isn't always the case.

AinsworthAuthor Commented:
As i mentioned earlier, i change my login name in AD. However, my mailbox name isnt changed at all...
There are three bits of information used in a POP3 login...

Domain - which you cannot change
Username - that is what you login to on the domain
Alias - that isn't used anywhere else other than in Exchange.

You can check what your alias is through ADUC.

Open the Properties of your user account and click on the tab "Exchange General". There is a box labelled alias. That is what you need to use in POP3 logins.

I warn you against changing it though. It is used throughout Exchange and Outlook and if you change it then you may find that others cannot reply to any email messages that you sent up to the point of changing it. They would need to reselect you from the GAL and then send away. Any cached email addresses will also fail.

AinsworthAuthor Commented:
Thanks Simon...
When you mention that Exchange using AD database to create mailbox for individual object. It is making sense that if i changed a username within AD, it's mailbox name should be changed corresponding to its username.
In this case, i changed it's username but changes doesnt take affect on mailbox name. Do you have any suggestion Simon?
I would not expect the mailbox name to change with the username. They are two different objects. One is used by the Active Directory and the other is used just by Exchange. The behaviour you have identified is what I would expect to see.

It is not unusual for the alias to be totally different to the username. I have configured sites where the username is jsmith but the alias is john.smith. It can make the deployment a little easier, especially of the email address is also john.smith


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