Using xsd created from Data Sources

I have used Data Sources to create a xsd from a MDB table. I want to use the xsd as a datatype.

For example:

Dim Order as New OrderDataSet.OrderRow  ( where 'OrderDataSet' is a xsd created by Data Sources, so that I can refer to the columns like below )

Order.OrderNo = "#1"
Order.Date = "...."

However,  it shows this error "Argument not specified for parameter 'rb' of 'Friend Sub New(rb As System.Data.DataRowBuilder)" at the 'Dim Order....' statement!

So how can I use a xsd as a datatype to create a variable ?

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Bob LearnedCommented:
When dealing with adding rows, you need to go through the DataTable to add a row.

This is an untyped DataSet example:
    Dim order As DataRow = table.NewRow()

With typed DataSet's the syntax is different.  It will be something like this:
   Dim order As OrderDataSet.OrderRow = OrderTable.NewOrderRow()

tora111Author Commented:
Thanks Bob !
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