Event ID 40960 every time I change the administrator password

We reset the administrator password of our AD Domain and on every server once a month.

Everytime I do this two of the servers start logging the following errors, a reboot of the servers resolves this until I change the password the following month when it reoccurs, any ideas.  I've checked to see if there are any services running the administrator account and also any tasks and their aren't.

The Security System detected an authentication error for the
server LDAP/aberdeendc2.aberdeen.aberdeen-asset.com/aberdeen.aberdeen-asset.com@aberdeen.aberdeen-asset.com.  The failure code from authentication protocol Kerberos
was "The attempted logon is invalid. This is either due to a bad username or authentication information.

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The next time this happens, open up Terminal Services Manager and see if there are any sessions open or disconnected from the Administrator account.

Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
joycehbrandAuthor Commented:
These servers are just member servers not domain controllers.
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I think error will generate when member server trying update to dynamic DNS registration with domain controller.

It not shows continually and it will show ones after changing password, is it?

If “yes “then it could be because log on service will fail after changing password for few seconds.

And also check the DNS address of those servers, some time that configured secondary domain controller of your network.

And this article will help solve your problem


joycehbrandAuthor Commented:
It occurs as soon as I change the password and will not go away until I've rebooted the server.
joycehbrandAuthor Commented:
Fantastic, thanks for that.
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