VB 6.0 datagrid of detail record in master/detail form - adding new row issue

Doing a quick & simple VB 6 app that uses a form done by the data form wizard using ADO connection to SQL server.  All works fine and I can add new rows...

It's just that when I click on the new row box of the data grid and add data, when I've finished entering the data on the row.. the only way I seem to be able to commit the row to the database is by using the master recordset navigation controls at the bottom of the form, stepping to previous record.  This appears to update the database, but is a bit clumsy.  Is there any way of having an "update" button for the detail record (it's a child recordset of a shaped recordset) alone?
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>Doing a quick & simple VB 6 app that uses a form done by the data form wizard using ADO connection to SQL server.


One of the reasons that VB (and M$) got a bad rep in the development world is because its applications are a bit too easy to sitdown and start doing something.  My advice to you is this, if this is functionality not absolutly needed and you can live with things as is, then do so.  On the other hand, if you want to do things right, get rid of this thing, build your own form and use ADO to connect to your database and populate your control.  This would allow you all the control and functionality you need.


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carledAuthor Commented:
Thought that might be the case...  Already settled on this as I needed it doing quickly!

Points to you for having the chutzpah for saying it though... ;-)

Thanks for the grade and if you have any issue with doing it this way, you know where to ask,

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