automatically ER Diagram create in TOAD ORACLE

How to see relationship  table in Oracle using TOAD,
because i must to see relationship  to make view of  tables..
because not me build the database and make tables,
but I have job to make report using crystal report, so for easy way I want to using view...
but i don't know from which i use data in where table because this report is involved many table.
so for easy way i have idea to see ER diagram but i dispointed because empty...
is another else to see ER Diagram is automatically build, so i have see ER DIagram to see relationship betwen many tables in database???

Thanks for helping me....

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Tools -> ER Diagram

To create a New Diagram

1. From the toolbar, select the New Diagram button. The Create ER Diagram dialog appears.

2. Enter the Schema where your table resides from the drop down schema menu.

3. Enter the Table you want to diagram.

4. Select the number of levels of referential tables you want to load.

Note: The more levels of referential tables you load, the more complicated the diagram will become, and the longer TOAD will take to create the diagram.

5. Select your display options. You can:
Show primary keys
Show foreign keys
Show unique keys
Show data type
Show not nullable
Show indexes

6. Click OK to generate the diagram.

Do you have ERWin? it can build diagrams for you which contains relationship for you as well.

qball2525Author Commented:
Sorry took for long response...
by the way where is button ok i did'nt see...
G Krishna RaoCommented:
Where is Tools option in toad.l  i couldn't  see..
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