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Can I have the PPP scource code for establishing a link between my PC and the mobile phone modem which is connected to serial port or USB port?? I am trying to connect using AT commands... I have given the ATD command and it gave me the CONNECT response and then some junks charaters.. I suppose it is trying to negotiate using the PPP. How to capture this data and give the response. I want the Code .

my email id is jefrine@gmail.com
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NopiusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I did it.
If you are using Windows for connecting your phone, you have a COM port number for it. Suppose COM5
Now you may establish PPP connection just by creating new Dialup Connection. You should only specify COM5 as your modem.
Also in your connection properties, there are checkboxes like 'open terminal before connection' and 'open terminal after connection', so you may enter any commands before and after you have got 'CONNECT' from modem.
Anything else will be done by Windows network PPP driver (LCP negotiation, password check, CCP and establishing connection) and you will get new network interface with IP address after connection is established.

P.S. this connection will be not between your PC and phone, but between your PC and remote system you have dialed (in case of CSD)
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