error aspSmartUpload (0x800A0030) File not found: aspsmartuploadutil.dll

I'm using asp smart upload to upload fiels in my asp application. I have got one development server and one production server. Now i'm in the process of nigrating my application in to a new server. But when i'm trying to  uploadi files in the new server its giving the error

aspSmartUpload (0x800A0030)
File not found: aspsmartuploadutil.dll

The same code works fine in my develpoment server and old production server. I'm using windows 2000 with sp4. I have registered the dll file aspSmartUpload.dll and copied the aspsmartuploadutil.dll in to c:/winnt/system32 folder.
but its giving the error. pls help me... my new server launch is held up due to this issue
thanking you
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Though it has been copied, how about regsvr32 on those Dlls? Any clues?
nebujacob2000Author Commented:
I have registered aspsmartupload.dll using regsvr32. i copied  aspsmartuploadutil.dll
to c:/winnt/system32 as mentioned in the documentation.
nebujacob2000Author Commented:
did i miss any steps??
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you need to allow the IUSR_machinename read/write/modify acces to folder that aspsmartupload.dll is in.

I believe it is in the documentation for this component.  I have had the same problem with this component.  I ended up moving the files to another folder, and allowing the IUSR_ access to that folder instead of allowing that kind of access to my system32 folder.  and lo and behold it worked.

I've since gotten rid of this component and went and bought Persits ASPUpload.  (much more useful, as it allows bigger file uploads, was easier to install, etc...)

Best bet would be to do something like this...replace it with another upload component (i understand cost may be an issue, and since ASPSmart Upload is free people tend to go that route, but the money you shell out for Persits component will be well worth it in the long run)
nebujacob2000Author Commented:
hi kevp75 ,
thanx for the suggestion. I have given the permissions to the iusr_machinename. but still its giving the error. As I said in the previous comments this thing working fine in other 2 servers. I have not given this permission in that 2 servers. but its working. here i have tried with permission and without permission. but not working!!!!
Pls help!!
thanx Nebu
nebujacob2000Author Commented:
Hi All,
My problem solved. it was not the problem with permissions. it was some other problem. What I did is, i inregistered the component.Deleted the dll from the machine. restarted the server. Copied a new copy of dll to the server. Registered the aspsmartupload.dll using regsvr32. copied aspsmartuploadutil.dll to system32 folder. now its working fine
thanx a lot for kevp75 and deepknet for putting their efforts
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