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Weve recently purchased a new dell machine with widnows 2003 and exchange 2003 enterprise. We are currently running 1 windows 2000 box for all network services. Due to this the network performance is pretty bad, so im going to take file and exchange off the old box and put it onto the new.

What is the best way to go about this? Do i have run the prep tools before i join the server, or can i/would it be better to simply join the 2003 server as a member server (the new server wont be a dc as ive read that this can effect performance). Thenr un the exchange prep tools, install exchange 2003, run through the checklist, and then migrate mailboxes and public folder.

Will this effect any remote users, ie will the system automatically pick up the new server within outlook.

Finally will i need to make any updates with our isp ie mx records etc and are there any other issues i need to watch out for

Sorry if this sound basic, but this is my first time attempting this, and as such im more than a bit apprehensive (dont want to break the network afterall!)


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Comment from 0xSaPx0
Date: 03/21/2006 03:24PM PST

Here is how I would do it, granted your way will work just fine as well

1). Setup/Patch your W2k3 server and join the domain
2). Run adprep /forestprep & adprep /domain prep
3). Run dcpromo, reboot, then transfer the FSMO roles to W2k3 server
4). Setup/Patch your E2k3 Server and join it to the domain
5). Install E2k3 into your existing Org
6). Move mailboxes and verify clients are rehomed
7). Make sure old W2k server has no FSMO roles then power it down
8). Stop any exchange services on old E2k server, verify all is still well
9). Uninstall E2k from old server, removing it from Org
10). Power down old E2k server
11). Setup/Patch new Citrix server, join it to domain
12). Run dcpromo on Citrix server to make it a DC (optional step)
13). Reinstall apps and viola.

- SaP -

 This is the advice I got, as far as the back up you will have to reinstall the agent on the new box.
Post back if you need more
pab006Author Commented:

What is the citrix step for? secondly im not currently planning to promote the new server as a domain controller, although i may look at doing this in the future, as ive heard there are major performance benefits to be had by not having exchange running on a DC.

Cheers for your help

opps sorry

nevermind the citrix part

Your right for exchange keep it as a member server.

 Setup new box windows 2003 only and patch.
 On the old box run adprep /forestprep adn adprep /domainprep
 Join new server to domain
 Install exchange and update with patches and service packs
 Join to exsiting Org.
 Transfer mailboxs        http://www.msexchange.org/tutorials/Exchange-Migration-Wizard.html
 I would not set the new server as the file server. Thats just me though.

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M/S has a KB article that specially tells you how to move mailboxes from 2K to 2k3. If you don't do the homework and do carefull preperation you will be in a world of hurt.
pab006Author Commented:

You wouldnt happen to have the url for this website?

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