Virtual Server 2005 R2 mouse problems

G'day all,

I have VS2005R2 installed on a physical server (well speck'd) and am having problems with the mouse when connecting over a remote desktop session.  Basically, I am connecting to the big server from home and then trying to control the virtual machines from there.  What I find is that the mouse is basically unuseable and it's quite frustrating.

Any suggestions?
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That's, well, somewhat "by design", check here:
Best practices > Do not use the VMRC client over a Terminal Services connection

So either connect to the virtual machine with RDP (from the "big server", if necessary), or access the virtual machines directly from your machine using the VMRC client (which may not work due to firewall restrictions; check the link to "Using the VMRC client to access virtual machines" above)
Hi camackay,

when you say unusable what are the symptoms?

camackayAuthor Commented:
Basically the mouse is impossible to track/move etc.  It tends to stick to the side of the screen.  The only way to move it is a little tiny bit at a time.
camackayAuthor Commented:
Thanks, o8dA, not the answer I wanted but still "the answer" from MS.

Appreciated...and some other good information in that article too.

Oh, and what I just noted: the mouse is extremely erratic in an RDP session if the VM additions aren't present; make sure the current version (13.552 for VS R2) is installed on the guest OS.
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