Subnet / VLAN


This is the Scenario:

 - 1 Catalyst 2950 Switch
 - Class C IP address/ /
 - Cisco Network Assistant, software use for configuration


1) How will I configure VLAN for each subnet on the Switch?
2) How will I configure Broadcast Storm on the Switch?
3) and How to configure Access Rights of users?

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Herminio A. Billones Jr.
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1,2,3: set VLANs in switches, assign ports to correct VLAN.
4: use an access list on the router to restrict access.
5: "storm-control broadcast level X"

What ports are disabling due to BPDU and what is the exact error?

How much traffic are you going to be passing through the router?  Can't suggest a router without that information.
You have only one subnet, so one VLAN should be fine.

What sort of access rights do you want to give or take away?

For reference, the Internet is classless and has been for years.  "Class C" is no longer used. is in legacy class C space, but your subnet mask is actually /27, not the mandatory /24 a class C had.  You'll want to write that subnet as to properly explain your topology.
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
1) Do you want to create additional subnets/VLANs? Did you start out with a Class C address and you want to subnet it with a /27 mask, or do you want to subnet the /27 address?
3) Can you be more specific?

habjrAuthor Commented:
This is the entire scenario

This is the scenario in detail,

- 2 DLink Switch
- Catalyst 2950 series
- 6 subnets, using for our office and clients, subnet of
- 24online server that acts as Internet Access Server, ip, public ip
- mailserver ip, public ip
- cachesever ip
- pc acting as a router but no router box at all


1) VLAN for each subnet should be different
2) VLAN for servers should be different
3) VLAN for servers should have access for our office VLAN
4) Access right to be assigned for each users, users cannot access servers except for http and mail
5) broadcast storm should be avoided

- How will I configure the Switch to cater these requirments and make the network secure and stable at all times.

- the switch ports disable due to BPDU, what's the proper way to configure.

- what cisco router model would you recommend for such setup

Thanks and Best Regards,

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