Ink Toolbars on non tablet in Word 2003


I'm developing a Tablet application, and I'm trying to set up a new toolbar for Word 2003 that involves a few of the Ink options you get on the Tablet PC in Word 2003.
However, I'm developing on a normal desktop and those toolbars don't show up in Word 2003 on that.

Is there any way to get them, or will I have to somehow develop this on the tablet?

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They are known to Word on my PC, but this macro fails.

Sub ShowToolbar()
Dim cb As CommandBar
For Each cb In Application.CommandBars
     If Left$(cb.Name, 4) = "Ink " Then
        cb.Enabled = True
        cb.Visible = True
    End If
Next cb
End Sub

Setting the Enabled property is not effective, so an Automation error is set on the attempt to set the toolbars visible.

I don't know what the toolbars do, but I suspect that they wouldn't work on a PC, so are disabled by design.
janineoAuthor Commented:
Okay, thanks.

I'll just have to create a template on the tablet.
Tiny screen and keyboard, joy.
Maybe if I can find a USB keyboard I can use that and my PC monitor.

Anyway, thanks for trying, points are yours.


Thanks Janine. That sounds like the way to go. Good luck
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