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If I have an application which references several dlls and they are located in the same folder, then it is possible to read settings from the config file, does it automatically look in the main folder for a config file?

The reason I ask is that I am also making provision for a web service which also references the dlls, do I just need to copy the config file to the web service directory?
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Jayadev NairApplication DeveloperCommented:
Yes, you can. but keep in mind the below matters

Say you have a windows solution with two or more dlls and an executable project.
That case even you have each config for each dlls, no meaning. Because the application reads from the application config, which will be the app.config ofthe windows executable project since the whole app runs on the thread started by windowsapplication. Consider the same case in web app too. So a config file will looks like

            <sectionGroup name="userSettings" type="" >
                  <section name="DLL1.Settings" type="" allowExeDefinition="" requirePermission="" />
                  <section name="DLL2.Settings" type="" allowExeDefinition="" requirePermission="" />

            <setting name="MyConfig" serializeAs="String">
            <setting name="MyConfig" serializeAs="String">

In above scenario, DLL1.settings will be the config for DLL1 you have and DLL2 will be the config which DLL2 belongs to. So keep all appliaction configuration on your app.config. At runtime you can read those.

Jayadev NairApplication DeveloperCommented:
Hope you are using .NET 2.0.
The configuration files are expected to be in the runpath where assemblies built. The default application config file, yourApp.exe.config is generated by VS 2005 when you build the project based on the app.config. If aop.config is not there in your project, just add the file. After Building, you will get ApplicationName.exe.config @ runpath

To copy a file in project to a specific folder while building you can use custom build events like you write on a batch file (e.g. xcopy .... ....)
rocky050371Author Commented:
The point I am trying to raise, is, the dll automatically pick up the main application config, would this be the same if the dll was in the web service directroy, if I dropped the application config in there
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