Sony Laptop VAIO pcg-9L1m-keyboard problem

The keys a,s,I, shift and g have suddenly quite working.  ?  Any ideas on how to correct this.

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The first thing to do is to clean under the keys with a vacuum to clear any debries under those keys.

Next would be to remove the keyboard and make sure the ribbon cable is installed correctly.

Next would be to replace it.

scottjefftraceyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for suggestions however I doubt those keys would all stop working at the same time due to debrie. The ribbon cable must have been installed correctily as I have utilized the computer for over 2 years.  Any other thoughts.
Cables can come loose. (Common problem in some models of laptops.)

Good contact can go bad due to corrosion. (All metals corrode to some extent over time.)
Removing and replacing a cable is generally enough to restore good contact.

Normally if damaged ribbon cable or grounding inside the keyboard is the problem you will see localized areas of the keyboard go bad and not a random pattern scattered all over the keyboard.

"suddenly quit working"
Most likely cause is debrie or someone dropped it and loosened a cable?

"suddenly quit working" - and a random pattern.
Suggests to me that somebody spilled something on the keyboard and either made the keys sticky or is preventing them from going down far enough to activate the switches. Could have been liquid ot bits of crackers? cookies? chips? or whatever...

I suppose if you don't wanna try cleaning it you could jump straight to buying a new keyboard and replacing it.

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