ColdFusion and Visio

Has anyone used Visio to plan Fusebox and/or Mach-ii applications?  If so, what were your thoughts and/or recommendations?  I'm currently using Adalon for planning and I'm pretty happy with it.  But my supervisor has asked if I would be interested in using Visio Enterprise Architect edition instead. Any thoughts/suggestions?
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Although Visio will work for you, to some extent, I would definitely recommend staying with Adalon if you are developing Fusebox or Struts applications.  If you are considering writing .NET or writing a significant amout of Java/C coded .cfx objects then I'd go with Visio.  Although handy and farily intuitive as far as UI, Visio is now officially part of the Microsoft Borgware Initative... in other words it doesn't play as well with others as it does with MS platforms/architectures.  I guess the real question is whether or not there is something significant (i.e. that you do often, or is a critical modeling process for you) that cannot currently be handled in Adalon?  If not then I'd stick with what you know and what works.  If so then you might give it (Visio EA) a try, but I personally found it to be less than helpful in my CF work.
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