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I have a question regarding re-pointing the email for a domain.

The website is hosted on one server and the company has their own email server.

Using EasySpace this is the present config:

My question: I need to point all email for the domain to an IP number, say:
What needs to be done and what would be the syntax to enter?

Thanks for your help,

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Jim SchillingHosting & IT ManagerCommented:
Hi Al,

You will need to update the MX records to point to the new mail server (or servers). MX records should point directly to an IP so I would advise creating an A record for each mail server (, for example) and then update the MX records to refer to these newly created entries.

Due to the DNS propagation period I would create the A records first, wait 24 hours, and then update the MX records.

myrepublicAuthor Commented:
Cheers Dan,

So my clients mail server will have a name such as - I'm not 100% about that - I just have the IP number - can i set up the A record with just the IP ?

How do refer an MX records to an A name?



ps. sorry for the noob questions. I have a few of these domains to update so hopefully I'll quickly advance beyond noobdom.
Jim SchillingHosting & IT ManagerCommented:
Hi Al,

Because you only have the IP address for the mail server you need to create a valid DNS entry to replace entry that already exists. To do this create a new A record called something like mail1 and point this to the IP address. Once this has propagated, i.e. you can ping and it resolves correctly to, then you can add as an MX record to replace the server, I would suggest adding the new MX record with a preference of 8 (well anything less than 10) and then testing the whole thing.

Give me a shout if you're still stuck!


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