Exchange telnet SMTP Banner corrupt

I am having the following Exchange 2003(Server 2003 SP2) current on all hot fixes.

telnet 25

I get the following...

220 ***************************************************************200**0**2****


I have changed the FQDN in the Virtual SMTP Server, restarted the service and the server itself and the problem continues.
Is there a way to reset the Virtual SMTP settings?
Any ideas where this is coming from?

I will follow up.

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good. so the KB article helped you..
Hi hansonebad,
Not a firewall issue is it?  Do you get the same response when you telnet localhost 25 on the exchange server its self?

hansonebadAuthor Commented:
Internally the telnet is fine.  There have been no changes to the firewall.
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I only ask about the firewall because i had a similar problem which ended up being the watchguard firewall not passing on the smtp traffic properly.

If internal telnet works ok then this could suggest a similar issue.  
hansonebadAuthor Commented:
We are receiving and sending e-mail, both internal and extenal.
When I run DNSREPORT I recieve the following warning: claims to be invalid hostname '***************************************************************200***0*2******0*00':
   220 ***************************************************************200***0*2******0*00

I double checked the firewall settings and nothing has changed.

When I telnet interally to the local server name, the response is correct, with the correct SMTP greeting.
When I telnet from outside, i get the above error.  I suspect it is something in the metabase?

the issue that you are facing is mentioned in the following Kb article
hansonebadAuthor Commented:
Changing the firewall has fixed the problem.
However, what concerns me is I had to change the firewall to make it work, when the firewall was not touched.
Reading further into the Cisco & Microsoft KB articles, this response appears to be by design.
Before I close this, the warning claims to be invalid..etc.  important?
hansonebadAuthor Commented:
PS the change to the firewall was
no fixup protocol smtp 25
im guessing that that is a client error where it can't connect to the server.  Don't quote me on that though.  

Glad you got it fixed.
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