Recver deleted files from a flash drive

I accidentally deleted important files from my flash drive. I purchased" EaseUS Data Recovery wizard". It was successful in retrieving my files. Unfortunately, the files were unreadable and contained funny HTML like chacracters. Is there a way I cam convert them to readable text? I have 2 Excel files that are must important. How coa I convert them to make them readable?
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tomciro1Author Commented:
To all
  I was able to retrieve my data using EaseUS Data Recovery, I was not using it properlly. When I corrected my error in using it, the files were recovered readable and intact. Thanks to all of you for your inputs, but I will close out my  request for help.

P.S. to Callendor
  I tried using PC File Inspector, but it failed to recover fles from my flash drive
You really need to recover the data properly so that the application can read it.  Try some free software, like PC File Inspector  Trying to unscramble data that was improperly recovered is an exercise in futility.
Depending on how important the data is, you can try Getbackdata: 
It's free to try. You can also check the integrity of the files. You can then opt to buy a license in order to recover the files.
tomciro1Author Commented:
To Experts Exchange

 How do I close out this request for a solution and do I get my 500 points back?
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