Installing VMWare on a Domain Controller

I tried to install VMWare on a Windows 2003 server accting as a DC and received the message it is strongly recommended that you DO NOT install VMWare on a DC. Doers anyone know why this is. I do not want to ignore the message and install if it is going to cause problems on my network.

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It's likely that VMWare are trying to protect you from introducing - as you mention yourself - issues within your network.

Your DC is performing a critical job and you really don't want to deploy anything onto it which could affect the main services it provides - While a very capable suite of products, VMWare Workstation etc. can be very resource hungry when running and will definately affect not only the general responsiveness of your DC but also unneccesarily reduce the other resources (such as RAM) available to the services being provided by your DC.

Install it on a decent spec workstation instead (2Ghz+ and a minimum of 1GB RAM is a good starting point..)

Hope that helps..
probably because if you ran two or more instances of a domain controller on the same network, massive network conflict errors would occur. some recommend using GSX version of VMWare or installing VMWare on normal 2003 server first and then promoting it to a DC... only recommended if the DC has enough power to run it all.
I thinkk fostejo is correct -- the problem is loading down your domain controller.  

asian_niceguy's comment is wrong.  It is highly recommended to have two or more domain controllers on a network, so if one falls over you still have the other.  However, there is no reason to suppose that a VMWare virtual machine on a DC would itself also be a DC.
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