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how to remove a single file from sccs repository?

I want to remove a single file from SCCS repository completely.
Can I safely do 'sccs clean my_file' without impacting other files in that repository?
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why would you do that? i.g. you never delete something in the repository.

Said this: deleting a file in sccs' repository is very simple:
  rm /path/to/sccs-repository/s.your-file
sankumanisAuthor Commented:
I want to remove the file from the repository because I feel that I am not able to check in my latest modification.
I did the following:

1. sccs edit file
2. modify file
3. sccs delget file

The last command asks me to put a comment and looks like everything is good.
But when I do the following

4. sccs diffs file : I see the old changes still. My understanding is the diffs command shows the difference between your file in the current directory and the one in the sccs repository. So if the changes were checked in, there should be no diffs output.

5. sccs edit file : This one supposed to have checked out the latest from the repository. But when I open theis file, I see the one before the modification.

Please Note: I originally checked in the file ( first time ) from the production box by mistake with : sccs create file
Later I tried to update the changes from the development box with : sccs delget file. I never did a : sccs create file from the development machine.
sounds strange, the only reason I'm aware of such a behaviour being valid is when you edited a branch

If the file still is version 1.1 (or just have a few changes) you can check the repository file what's in there, just do a:
   more /path/to/sccs-repository/s.your-file

the first block of lines down to the first line in your text file are SCCS control lines.
You start reading from top where the repository history is, each entry consist of 4 lines:
  s magicstring
  d detla with date, SCCS-ID, date, user, delta-IDs
  c you comment
  e  --nothing here--

you should see your comment there
if not, you're looking at the wrong file

You may try to do a   sccs val file

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