Changing BESADMIN account password

What are the effects of changing the BESADMIN account using BlackBerry server and how is it propagted down to the handhelds?
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i've changed ours numerous times, only affects the server and the services it ties into... meaning if you have it so that the besadmin username starts all your services, you'll have to go into each service and change that password manually.

deworkmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks - for your quick response foad... we have about 90 BB users and was wondering is there any type of delay or lag time when you change the BESADMIN account and when BB users have to wait to see the change before they start recieving mail again.  (we have had issues with users that change their password on the network and have to reboot their PC's to have the Outlook profile pick up the new password) We are running 2003 Ad here with 2003 Exchange servers.
have same scenario, exchange 2003, 2003 ad, not as many bb users, thank god...
I always restart the server that bb is on, so it kicks bb and ad gpo in the butt, never had any lag. Only time is while bb server is rebooting, which is also when you'll find out if you got ALL services set right, as if not it will tell you in event viewer, that it could not start such and such due to log-on failure...

Good luck...

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