XML reading question

<PI Identifier="1" DllName="xxx.dll" Interface="T">
   <Connection Type="Serial" Identifier="1" To="Press" IPAddress="localhost" IPPort="6980">
      <Parameters SerialPort="Computer1" BaudRate="1" Databits="8" Parity="None" Stopbits="1" Timeout="0" CTS="0" DTR="0" Device="1" Node="255" BusType ="PCI">
<PressInterface Identifier="1" DllName="xxxx.dll" Interface="T">
   <Connection Type="TCP/IP" Identifier="1" To="Press" IPAddress="localhost" IPPort="6980">
      <Parameters SerialPort="Computer2" BaudRate="19200" Databits ="8" Parity="None" Stopbits="1" Timeout="0" CTS="0" DTR="0" Device="1" Node="255" BusType="PCI">

 // Load XML document, loads into memory
         XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument();
         foreach (XmlNode xmlNodeType in xmlDoc.SelectNodes("//Connection[@Type='Serial']"))
            //read the document and pull the node into the Connections box
            string sType = xmlNodeType.Attributes["Type"].InnerText;
            string sConnect = xmlNodeType.Attributes["To"].InnerText;
            string sSerial = xmlNodeType.Attributes["SerialPort"].InnerText
            string sBaud = xmlNodeType.Attributes["BaudRate"].InnerText;
            string sData = xmlNodeType.Attributes["Databits"].InnerText;
            string sParity = xmlNodeType.Attributes["Parity"].InnerText;
            string sStop = xmlNodeType.Attributes["Stopbits"].InnerText;
            string sTimeout = xmlNodeType.Attributes["Timeout"].InnerText;
            string sCTS = xmlNodeType.Attributes["CTS"].InnerText;
            string sDTR = xmlNodeType.Attributes["DTR"].InnerText;

For the block within the ***How do I pull the information from the Parameter location on the XML that is under the Connection loction that contains Serial. So i would only need the parameter information from the first PI block in the XML.
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Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
Try using xmlNodeType.FirstChild.Attributes["..."] rather than just xmlNodeType.Attributes["..."]

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If only there is 1 parameters element then Carl_town's solution will work otherwise you wuill have to loop through child nodes (Parameters)

I did a test on carl_tawn's suggestion and works fine, code below

            string sSerial = xmlNodeType.FirstChild.Attributes["SerialPort"].InnerText;
            string sBaud = xmlNodeType.FirstChild.Attributes["BaudRate"].InnerText;
            string sData = xmlNodeType.FirstChild.Attributes["Databits"].InnerText;
            string sParity = xmlNodeType.FirstChild.Attributes["Parity"].InnerText;
            string sStop = xmlNodeType.FirstChild.Attributes["Stopbits"].InnerText;
            string sTimeout = xmlNodeType.FirstChild.Attributes["Timeout"].InnerText;
            string sCTS = xmlNodeType.FirstChild.Attributes["CTS"].InnerText;
            string sDTR = xmlNodeType.FirstChild.Attributes["DTR"].InnerText;

The xml you provided has a mismatched element.  Second PI element reads as <PressInterface but the closing tag is <PI
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