Complex URL

I am attempting to feed a complex url (lots of "&"'s and "="'s) to wget, through a system call. I have a feeling that it is a problem with getting perl to send the string to the shell (running on Linux). When I change the command to echo instead of wget, I get:

Can't modify constant item in scalar assignment at <line_number>

The url consists of a first part, which is always the same. The second part is being read from a text file, and then I am appending it to the first half with the $_ variable in a while loop.

Any thoughts?
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The & is a special character, and needs to be escaped when in double quotes:

Depending on what is in the string, and if you need to interpolate variables, a different quote operator might be easier to use:'-''-%22-%22%22-%2f%2f-%60-%60%60-%3c%3c-escape-sequence-escape
stakorAuthor Commented:
Ok, I figured out it is the "&" being fed to the wget command. I need to change all occurences of "&" in my string to "\&".
stakorAuthor Commented:
Thanks Adam314. I think the fix would be to do a search and replace on those characters ("&"). Could you post a seach and replace command?
Are there any & anywhere else in your code?  If so, you wouldn't want to do a search/replace on all of those (eg: if($a && $b)   )
I would suggest using the search/replace function of your editor, and review every replace first - to make sure only those you want replaced get replaced.

If you are sure you want to replace every & though, you could use sed:

sed -e 's/\&/\\\&/g' filename

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