client upload and download speed

What is the best method to check client upload and download speed?
To make it clear, default page is on the server and client needs to open it and run the test.
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from javascript you could do the download and time it (not high precision but reasonable) but there is no way you will be able to do an upload without user interaction, and that's already messy (you can't ask the user "browse for a file 100k large and then hit the upload button").
you might try to implement some remote scripting and make some async calls to a webservice and pass some generated XML to test, but in order to get a decent estimate you would need a large amount that would create performance issues in javascript. So I guess the solution is to stick with the activex (or java applet if you fency, or even .NET control if you assume all users will have .NET framework installed).
You might be able to find such an activex available for free, but none that I am aware of.
write an activex that downloads and uploads a reasonable amount (depending on the connection type selected by the user eventually) and calculate an average based on that
aki4uAuthor Commented:
What about Javascript?
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