Trying to open Add/Remove Windows Components

I am Working on a Windows 2K Server box with Intuitive Installed on it. When I try to open the Add/Remove windows Components in Add/Remove Programs I get the following error: "Set up library iis.dll could not be loaded or function OcEntry could not be found. Exact Error code 0X7f" I have tried reloading the i386 files and that didn't work. I tried running regsvr32 iis.dll and got the error:LoadLibrary("iis.dll") failed-The specified module could not be found. Please help!
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Check the settings of the PATH varilable:
1) Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
2) Double-click "System"
3) Choose the "Advanced" tab
4) Click on "Environment Variables"
5) Check under the system variables for the one named "path". Its value should start with:
If it does not, add the abovementioned text to the beginning.
If it does, type at the command line:
echo %SystemRoot%
The result should be your Windows directory (usually C:\WINNT). If it doesn't match, change the path varilable so it manually points to the correct Windows directory (eg. C:\WINNT\system32;C:\WINNT;C:\WINNT\system32\Wbem).
Oh... by the way. I don't have IIS installed so I can test it with that specific file, however if iis.dll is located somewhere other than your system32 folder, check if it is also in the PATH variable and add it if necessary.
tweeter514Author Commented:
Thank you Chatable for the quick response; unfortuanately everything matched to your response. The path in system variables was correct and the result of running echo %SystemRoot% was the windows directory.
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And is iis.dll located in system32?
tweeter514Author Commented:
Yes and No,  it is in the C:WINNT\System32\Setup and there is one in C:\WINNT\ServicePackfiles\i386. Should I add the other path also?
You should ignore the ServicePackfiles folder because it's there only as a backup.
Try to add the System32\Setup folder and see how it goes.
tweeter514Author Commented:
I added the System32\Setup and am still having the problem.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Reinstall:   SP4
And then after reinstalling SP4
Install: SP4 Rollup 1

Everything can be found here:

Side Note:  I suggest choosing [Network Installation] when downloading.
If you have an "ZIP" program such as "Winzip (or) Winrar" Then
Right Click on the SP4 File, and choose to Uppack Here.
After it is unpacked, burn both to a CD.

Open up the SP4 folder, and then find and open the [Update] folder
And in there, choose the update.exe file.

Good Luck
tweeter514Author Commented:
Thank you, I will try this and let you all know how it goes. It may be a day or two.
tweeter514Author Commented:
Ok, I reinstalled SP4 and the roll up with no success and I ran the tune-up and read the coinciding articles. Unfortuanately I am having no success.
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Did you tried with tuneup?

BR Dushan
tweeter514Author Commented:
yes, I ran the tune-up then reinstalled the Sp and the roll up.
tweeter514Author Commented:
Thank you for the Help, I ended up running sfc /scannow and found the bad .dll's and replacing them with good .dll's from a working 2000 Server OS. This seems to have fixed the problem.
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