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I'm having a problem with my exchange servers.  We have 2 branches, each with Windows SBS 2003.  Each branch has Exchange Server SP1 installed and they both have a sperate mailbox account where they pop emails from.  For example BranchA gets emails from mailboxA and BranchB gets emails from mailboxB.

Now, if someone from outside like yahoo sends an email to an alias at BranchA and to an alias at BranchB, then both mailboxA and mailboxB get the email.  (Which is right).  The exchange server in BranchA downloads the email and sends it to the user but then it see's the alias for BranchB in the TO: field and hence sends the email back out.  Which then goes to mailboxB ready for BranchB to download it.  And at the same time, BranchB does the samething.  So now, mailboxA and mailboxB both have the emails again.  I installed a pop3 connector that deletes duplicate emails so users don't get the duplicate emails.

But the problem is, that the two servers keep sending the emails to each other until the user who sent the email out gets the following error message:

554 5.4.6 Too many hops 27 (26 max)

Is there anyway I can stop the exchange servers from doing that?  Also the domains for each branch is the same.  e.g (BranchA) , (BranchB).

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The obvious way is to ditch the POP3 connector.
POP3 connectors can't cope with multiple sites on the same domain very well.

I would get all email delivered to one site by SMTP and then get the email forwarded to the other site via mail enabled contacts and a dummy domain. Configure both sites with mail enabled contacts for the other site and you can have both on the MX records backing each other up.

By using mail enabled contacts instead of the "forward all unresolved email to:" option, you can use the filter unknown recipients which cuts down on large number of junk email messages.

wildasIwanabeAuthor Commented:
Hey Simon,

I setup it so all emails BranchA ( and then Branch A forwards the emails to mail enable contact in BranchB.  (  Both sites have mail enabled contacts for the other side.  But I'm still having the same problem.

If someone sends an email to a contact in BranchA and BranchB then the emails all go to BranchA and then the email for the contact in BranchB is forward to him.  Once the exchange server in BranchB picks up the emails, it sees the contact for BranchA in the TO: field so sends it back to BranchA.  And then the looping begins.

The emails are sent back an forth unti the "Too many hops" error message is generated. :(
That is the problem with the POP3 connector. It is basically a heap of junk that cannot cope with multiple sites sharing the same domain. My suggestion above about using the contacts was reliant on the POP3 connector being removed.

wildasIwanabeAuthor Commented:
Hey Simon,  

I managed to fix this problem.  I created a text file with a list of names that the POP3 connector checks and only accepts emails that are sent to people that are in that list.

Each branch has its own list...

Thanks for your help anyway.

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