Exchange 2003 multiple defrag pass on public folder each night


I have noticed on our Exchange Server that I am getting multiple defragmentation passes (event 700 & 701, at least 3) on my public mail each night and that I don't seem there doesn't seem to be a defrag running on the private mail store.

As I recall this is a change in Exchange's behaviour (I have been cleaning out the logs as I have been having problems with the shadow copy services when running backups which seems to relate to log files sizes and needs SP1 applied to fix so only have a limited history), ironically this is why I noticed the change as I have been checking the logs each day before clearing them)

I am not getting any warning or error messages and the mail server is (so far) running OK.

It is Excahnge 2003 Standard, no service packs.

How worried should I be?
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Multiple passes is normal.
Have you checked for the maintenance schedule on the mailbox store to ensure that it is configured to run - it hasn't been disabled or set to a manual state?
You should see event ID 1221 in the event viewer after it has completed.

SNRequipAuthor Commented:
Hi Sembee,

Hadn't realiseed that the 700 event referred to private as well as public store defrag events and as we are getting 3 public store defrag events to every one private I missed it in the logs.

So, given that multiple passes are ok our exchange seems to be a happy puppy, for the moment at least...

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