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Here is my scenario:  I have two sql servers that replication via merge replication every night.  I have 5 clients that point to one server that run a program that modifies the sql data in the tables.  No structural changes just data.  Now I have two clients running MSDE on their laptops and I want them to be able to be able to take their laptops home and be able to make changes to their database and when they come back the data merges on the server and also any changes that were made from the other clients on the server for that data to end up back on the laptop.  

I have them set up now to merge back on the server but the data that they changed when they were at home is not showing up on the other clients that are connected to the server.
What am I doing wrong here?
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<<not showing up on the other clients that are connected to the server. >>

Check the following

Did you configure replication to be two way or not?
Is it showing Data changes from the other 3 client to the server?
Is the data showing from the 2 laptop to the server?

Are you getting any error or just no data for replication keep it for an hour and see.

the best way is to delete the replication with the two laptop reconfigure it with the option data and schema already exists and then create the procedures at the subscriber which is the laptop.
i dont know the exact name for the system procedure to create the triggers and procedure but it is something like
master.dbo.sp_scriptpublicationcustomprocs @Publication

run this sp on the publisher and run the result on the subscriber

also use this to create the triggers at subscriber

HI mfehrmann ,
Do you still need assitance?
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I just put them back on to merge and I have the merge running twice a day so if the laptops are not connected in the morning that they will synch in the afternoon.  It all seems to be working correctly now.  I really wanted to have the replication live on two of the systems but that was not workiing for some reason.
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