I think I know the answer to this but I just wanted to ask:
Is there a way to sort tables in AutoCAD 2006? If so how?
Tables and fields are so useful, but it seems like you cant sort tables. Major flaw IMHO if you cant.
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Information gleemed off of blocks are transferd as is based on the configuration of the blocks attributes. Thus one may have several differently configured block and as a result the column names are different. I do not think yu would want to sort the columns in another order, since you may be adding block attibutes which if configured differently will not represent the data.


norrin_raddAuthor Commented:
hey joe,
I'm talking about the new table object (since Autocad 2005 I think) that is created with the _table command using setup table styles. Its alot like excel except for the sort feature. It'd just be nice to sort on the fly like in excel.  It'd be nice to be able to sort sheets in a sheet set too, sometimes when I have to find things all I have is a dwg name, not a number. There may be a way to do these things I just havent found it yet.
Thanks tho
*Put on his Featured Expert thinking cap*

But...Norrin... *looks at ranking*... Aren't -YOU- supposed to help -US-, not the other way around !? j/k ;o)

This is not something i used yet, ill check out what these tables are about, to see if i can grasp something to help you :o)
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norrin_raddAuthor Commented:
hey mr. featured expert ;) we all need a little help now and again, and I need all the help I can get! I get alot from this site too!
Thanks for looking into it, I think you will like tables once you get into them really handy.
norrin_raddAuthor Commented:
hey techn, what do you think about tables? you been able to check em out yet?
Ugh...not really anything helpful as of now for you :o(

Seems like you can sort them, but only 'outside' of AutoCad in this 'Data View window'.
But i guess the following won't be big news for you:

From Sort dialog box help files:

>Sort dialog Box
>Specifies a sort order that is applied to the database table records displayed in the Data >View window. You can select a combination of up to five columns to apply to the sort >order. You can open this dialog box using the following method...

From Data View window help files:

>Column Shortcut Menu
>Displays the following options when you right-click one or more selected column headers.
>Opens the Sort dialog box, in which you can select a combination of up to five columns to >use in specifying a sort order for the Data View.

Maybe you can find a way to apply that sorted order from the Data View into Autocad?
Im not in a setup with database links and all to try it.
I found that there is a filter for Tables in the Filter command, but then only for tables in general, no wildcards for contents or other specifications.

I rarely have to use/draw tables, but they are a pretty nice addition though.
Sorry to have kept you hanging :o/

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norrin_raddAuthor Commented:
hey thanks for looking into it. but I think we are talking about 2 different kinds of tables, I ran into some confusion about that too. The tables I'm talking about are created using the "table" command and as far as I know they dont have anything to do with the database type tables. That seems a little confusing when you go to look in the help files for tables.
The table I'm trying to sort is a sheet list table created out of the sheet set manager. I also use them for notes.
I dont think they can be sorted, but I had to ask to make sure.
Thanks again.
Hehehe, understand that im coming from far here. I 'm talking about those tables, from Tools>Tables. I guess i was going too far in my search for any 'sort' feature and ended up in the section for linking database to the table ...which could or could not be related hehehe

I simply never used it, so i dont really have the pretention to be able to fix the issue ya know ;o) But i plan on getting this understood since im well started now :o) If i ever found something interesting ill try to let you know.
norrin_raddAuthor Commented:
hey no problem. I think I know the answer is going to be you just cant sort em yet. You dont have to spend any time on it if you dont want too. I'll probably just ask for this to be deleted in a few more days. thanks for taking the time though
norrin_raddAuthor Commented:
the answer is no they cant be sorted yet like I'm asking. so tech you get the points for trying and i think you would have come up with the same answer after much time.
maybe they'll have that feature in a new release.
Thanks Norrin
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